At the heart of everything we do


Collective work and collaborative people’s efficiency can lead companies to increase growth and progress. The mix of talent and brainpower that comes into play when people connect and share effortlessly can produce amazing global results.

Olivier de Puymorin,
Arkadin CEO



We offer a successful collaboration experience to facilitate and energise teamwork.


We aim to be the preferred business partner for clients who put collaboration at the heart of their organisation.

We are the sharing people

Everyone works better when they are having fun

The 4 Arkadin values we live by

We like to consider ourselves a human company. Our internal values have both influenced the way we drive our business and developed the relationships we have with our clients

Working together

The global economy benefits from growth in human talent and collaboration skills.

We are confident that together we can be more intelligent and efficient than we ever could working separately. This belief is executed through our internal culture, and is also key to our business which helps people communicate better and succeed even when they are far apart.

We believe that humankind is ready to make progress through enhanced collaboration. We empathise with customers and put ourselves in our customers’ shoes to understand what they need.



You never achieve real success unless you enjoy what you do.

We believe nothing beats enthusiasm and happiness. This simple value frames our working relationships, both internally and with our customers. We hope our products and services are always easy and fun to use.



I like people who like people.

Respect starts with our desire to listen to and understand our customers’ needs. To reach such a level of empathy, we open Arkadin offices wherever our customers are located. Our respect for cultural differences has led us to establish a more complete local presence than any of our competitors, and to serve every single country in its own language.


Entrepreneurial spirit

I believe everybody has their own unique talent. I believe talent is a fundamental component of our success.

We always recruit talented people, giving them the freedom and confidence to thrive within the company. This approach allows us to be agile, imaginative, open-minded, attentive, flexible, practical and effective. 

Our belief in a social and sharing world

We are building our future on a solid set of beliefs. These beliefs are perfectly at home in a world where people are ever more social and global in all aspects of their lives.

  • We are part of the digital revolution
  • We are the sharing generation
  • We share one planet, but we value different cultures
  • We think that geographical borders shouldn’t be obstacles
  • We don’t want to be tied to our desk, office or PC
  • We want quick, seamless and easy transitions between communication media and devices
  • We want the flexibility to manage our work/life balance
  • We trust in the collective strengths of individual creative talents
  • We are more interested in competence and being efficient than hierarchies
  • We hope that growing constraints on natural resources will lead to smarter decisions

... And we believe that everyone works better when they’re having fun.


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