Share visual content to engage and impress your audience

Add a visual impact to your message

Use webinars to take your presentations to the next level

Arkadin Web Event is our webinar solution for delivering presentations to a large or influential audience. Fully integrated with our high-quality audio conferencing, your presentation is communicated over the phone and supported online by slides, documents, application-sharing or even whiteboards, enabling you to reach many geographically dispersed attendees in one go.

Arkadin’s Event Managers help you organise your online seminar so you can concentrate on your core messages.

Time saving

Quick implementation, no time wasted travelling


No flights, no print-outs, no carbon emissions

High impact

Add visuals to your audio communication


Dedicated live assistance throughout


Boost your company image and reputation

Vertical solutions

Perfect for specific professional applications


Choose this interactive, online solution for your key internal and external messages

By communicating via the Arkadin Web Event platform, you can connect in real-time with your audience to share ideas, product updates or company news.

Include slides, documents, images, webcam video of the speakers, website content and more. Plus, get live feedback from your attendees with the survey, polling and chat features.

Thanks to the branding capabilities of our solution, you can deliver your message to a captive audience while heightening brand awareness.

Arkadin Web Event not only allows you to increase the efficiency of your communications by reducing travel and saving time, you can also make use of the on-demand replay facility for participants who couldn’t attend. This also allows you to share it on your website or in a social media context.

Our expert teams will guide you step-by-step

Our specialists will guide you through the entire process personally:

  • A project manager will help you design your event
  • Specially trained Conference Operators will offer any live assistance
  • A team of technical experts will ensure sound quality is at the optimum level
  • Simultaneous translators will help with those who have language difficulties
  • Arkadin local assistance is available in 15 different languages

Arkadin Web Event meets all your department's needs

It is the perfect online solution to serve a variety of areas within your organisation:


Sales & Marketing

Lead generation, product launches, virtual tradeshows; Sales Kick-offs; Announcing results

For powerful communications with your prospects, clients, partners or Sales Team, you need to maximise visual impact, but also ensure that anybody can join, whether they are in the office or working remotely, regardless of their location.

Organising a webinar will allow you to promote your brand, engage your audience and provide in-depth information.




Product training, internal corporate training and development, distance education learning

By offering employees, partners and customers interactive training sessions and by providing post-event replays on demand, you optimise the reach of your message.

Anybody can attend at anytime, from anywhere, and you can track the attendance and effectiveness of your training by using the polling and reporting features.



Corporate Communications

Internal communications; Executive committees; CEO announcements

Share content through a customised interface to engage your community while reducing time-to-market of your message. By communicating in this innovative way, you will convey a professional company image.

Arkadin Web Event can help you meet your business objectives while reducing the cost of your corporate announcements as well as saving time.


Human Resources

Induction programmes; Managerial coaching sessions

By adding interactive functions to your call, you can strengthen the interpersonal elements of your meetings without needing to all be in the same room.

Use multiple speakers, survey questions and live Q&A to make your HR communications more dynamic and effective.



Key features for successful webinars

By providing you with the latest webinar features on the market, such as live reporting, interactivity and high customisation, Arkadin ensures you deliver the best experience for your attendees.

Interactivity as a guarantee of audience engagement
The most advanced webcasting solution available:

  • Real time engagement tools - polls, surveys, live chat and Q&A
  • Group or individual chat

Real Time Analytics
Live and post-event reporting and analysis for greater ROI:

  • Conference report emailed to the organiser
  • Detailed statistics combined with attendee activity tracking

Accessibility to anyone, anywhere, from any device
Extend the reach of your strategic communications to everyone easily, including mobile users:

  • No downloads or plug-ins
  • Extend the life of your content by offering on-demand access to people that missed out on the initial broadcast
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