The next generation of web conferencing for easy and effective visual sharing



We needed a solution that could deliver a seamless, intuitive service with the right level of support that would allow users to concentrate on the content of their meetings, rather than the technology behind it.

Chris Barron, Telecoms Manager, Cambridge Assessment


Easy just got impressive

Now you can really show what you mean in one click with the new ArkadinAnywhere

Introducing the new ArkadinAnywhere, our revolutionary, intuitive and ergonomically designed all-in-one conferencing tool. It ensures an exceptionally simple and enjoyable web conferencing experience for remote collaboration and virtual presentations.

You can share your screen, applications, whiteboards or documents with colleagues and partners online in seconds.

New version of ArkadinAnywhere now available with:
- Video conferencing
- Voice over IP (VoIP) for hybrid audio conferencing

Discover our attractive ArkadinAnywhere OneRate offer – audio and/or web conferencing for just one, fixed price.

Plug & Play

Instant access from your web browser, no software installation required!

User Friendly

Clear, easy to use features and intuitive for first time users

Immediate adoption by users

Minimum user training


PIN protected using the same codes as your audio account

Pay-as-you-go / License model

Choose the contract to suit your needs

Mobile integration

Meet on the move from your tablet or smartphone

Video tour

New, ergonomically designed web conferencing solution for easy sharing.

With one click, users have a streamlined conference screen for instant application and document sharing.
Key features:

  • Video conferencing, displaying up to four webcams simultaneously
  • Hybrid audio conferencing, offering phone or VoIP access to meetings
  • Quick share buttons for fast, intuitive sharing of screens, applications, whiteboards or documents
  • Moderator console offering comprehensive, easy to use, icon-driven conference controls
  • Instant invitations for inviting new participants anytime during conferences
  • Public and private chat pop-ups when new messages are received
  • Audio and Web recording for instant editing and sharing of content
  • One-click audio access activates instant call-back for joining conferences
  • Mobile integration for conferencing on-the-go with iOS and Android apps for tablets and smartphones
  • iOS app offers Video and hybrid audio conferencing

Enhance how you collaborate by sharing visual information over the Internet.

ArkadinAnywhere enables sharing of your entire computer screen, selected applications, or documents presented as slides straight through Arkadin's Secure Cloud Platform:

  • Plug & Play: Instant access from your Web Browser
  • Simple and user friendly, leading to immediate adoption by users, with only minimal user training required
  • Remote control of another desktop


Engage your audience with virtual face to face conference

With ArkadinAnywhere Next Generation, get the most of remote collaboration with our new video conferencing feature by clicking on the webcam in the tools panel

  • Full-screen mode
  • Active speaker to see the person who’s talking
  • Up to 4 webcams shared simultaneously
  • Detached video panel to use multiple screens


Seamless Arkadin Audio integration for perfect voice synchronisation with your Anywhere web conference

To efficiently start your meetings, just join the web conference and follow the onscreen instructions to connect to the audio conference, using one of the following options:

"Please call me":

  • Select the country you are calling from and enter your phone number
  • The console/bridge dials out and connects you to the audio conference call

"I will dial myself":

  • Select your country and the dial-in numbers will appear on screen
  • Participants will only see the Participant PIN Code
  • The Organiser (Moderator) will see both codes
  • The pairing code can be used to merge an attendee’s audio and web connections on screen

"I will join using my computer (VoIP)":

  • A headset or microphone and speakers are required to use VoIP
  • Click 'Join now' to be connected to the audio conference


OneRate for easy budgeting

Our OneRate package offers combined, cost-effective  audio and web conferencing on a cost per minute model.

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